The first step taken...

For a long time, we always wanted to go out of our home city to live on our own. There are several reasons for the same -

  • Find Ourselves - Living in our parents' home has a lot of advantages. There are many things we don't have to worry about, for example - home cooked meals, washed clothes, paying bills, running errands, etc. However, a life like this doesn't really give us a chance to explore ourselves. It is more or less influenced by our family & friends. We feel a lot of family pressures related to how we live, our career choices, sexual preferences, etc. These pressures restrict us. Living away from home removes these pressures, pushes us out of our comfort zones, & makes us reach places we think are unreachable.

  • Choose our Passions - At an early age, we do not realise what we are capable of. Living on our own often gives us a lot of alone time to think & introspect. We learn about our hidden passions & hobbies.

  • Learning along the way - Life has a lot to offer, which we can never know until we get out of our cocoons.

  • Exploring new places - We always knew that we will eventually explore the world, no matter how we do it. Travelling was our mutual passion.

Our ultimate goal is to settle abroad. After completing our graduations, we thought that it would be the best time to move out of our homes & start our journey together. While we were figuring things out, we realised that moving abroad at such an early stage was very difficult or even impossible. That's why, we decided to begin by going to a different city rather than country.

We decided on Bangalore, as our first city which turned out to be a cocktail of ups and downs.