Eurotrip - Should we or not?

When Shreyans' friend Dikshant invited us to join him on a Eurotrip, our immediate instincts told us that it is not possible. There were multiple reasons for our hesitation.

1. Can we afford it?

After basic research, we split the trip cost into the following:

  • VISA Application Fees
  • Flights
  • Daily Expense for each city in our itinerary
  • Major Activities like Skydiving
  • Travel Gear

We estimated the total expense to be in the range of ₹ 2.5-3 lacs which was way above our pocket.

A chance of travelling to Europe is very rare for a 23-year-old in India. Europe seems to be the dream destination for passionate travellers, like us. And the very thought of it excited us! So we decided to take the leap, counting it as a treat for ourselves.

We decided to pull-in as many hours as possible before we travel, take out a huge chunk of our savings, & take a loan of remaining from our parents.

2. Can we take out the time?

Being freelancers, we have the liberty to take a time-out whenever we feel like. Thank god!

All we have to do is inform our clients in advance about the same. That is why, we wanted the trip to be as long as possible, covering at least 3-4 major cities and one whole country.

Dikshant had a very limited gap between his last day of MBA and first day of job. After giving a lot of thought into it, we decided the length to be 3 weeks.

3. To take Angel or not?

Taking Angel along seemed both exciting and challenging at the same time. To take your pet out of a high-rabies country (i.e. India) to any other country involves a lot of paperwork and long procedures.

Due to the shortage of time, we decided to leave her in Delhi with my sister, Shagun. It was a very hard decision for us.


To sum it up, we decided to go on a 3 weeks trip to Europe, without Angel.