About Us

Who are we?

First things first, let me introduce you to the people who will be regularly featured on this blog.


Shreyans Jain is a Front End Web Developer by profession, a geek by nature, & a cool guy to hang out with. He is a digital nomad trying to make it on his own since July 2014.


Srishti Matta is a UI/UX Designer by profession, an artist by nature, & a fun-loving girl. She is also a digital nomad who started at the same time.


Angel is our cute little Chihuahua puppy who joined us in our adventures about 6 months ago. She is calm & adorable in nature & provides us a reason to go on in our most difficult moments.

What is this blog about?

We are writing this blog to share the experiences we gain while travelling as digital nomads. We will be writing about -

  • How difficult/easy it is to be a digital nomad
  • Difficult to find information about cities we visit
  • Travel hacks
  • Travelling with a pet in India & abroad
  • And much more...

Why are we writing about us?

When I & Srishti decided that we wanted to be digital nomads, we found a lot of blogs and resources online about travelling the world, but very few from Indian travellers. Learning about a fellow Indian's experience was very important for us to come out of our cocoons and take the leap. We want to write & share as much as possible for those who have a similar dream.

I hope you guys find our blog interesting & helpful. I would love to get inputs/suggestions on Twitter at @shreyansqt.

Thanks for reading!